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Wednesday 15 July 2009

Powerless in Lincoln!

Tuesday 14 July

Unfortunately the heavy downpour yesterday evening enabled rain to get under one of our new vent covers that Barry hadn’t had chance to seal up yet and water dripped onto the power inverter. So we’re now without 240v power and left with only 12v, hence we are not able to charge phones or the camera battery – horror of horrors!

A sad looking inverter

Barry spent the morning doing some engine and general man’s maintenance stuff (!) and took the inverter down from the wall to dry out.

Our shiny looking engine. Checked oil, battery water & refilled grease cylinder for propeller shaft, plus cleaned the bilge pump

These geese came and had a snarling match with the dog on the boat behind us

After a short drive down the canal, we arrived in Lincoln at lunchtime. It’s a long lead up to get into the town, with a huge array of residential moorings along the canal; some of them look like they haven’t left the side for years! Once into Lincoln there is a large basin called Brayford Pool, where there are dozens of large cruisers moored. The canal then continues on under bridges and we found a place to moor shortly afterwards.

Wouldn't trust this one!

Looked like a very old barge

Not sure what this one's all about

Brayford Basin, lovely now but must've been an eyesore a few years ago

Through the 'Glory Hole' or 'Murder Hole' as it was called. Cafe and shops overhead

Other side, don't Goggle search 'Glory Hole' you may be shocked!

We had a quick look around Lincoln as it was late in the afternoon by then, and bought some food supplies. We’ll probably stay here for a couple of days to have a good look around, there seems to be a number of things to see and do ( or

Lincoln Cathedral, an impressive sight for miles around

The Usher Gallery and well kept gardens

Lincoln High Street

Town Archway on High Street

'The Witch & Wardrobe' pub

The heavens opened up again in the evening, thunder & lightning, The old warehouses opposite our mooring, now part of Siemens

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  1. Lucky you in Lincoln... we love Lincoln...been a few times now ...stopping off overnight on the way to Skegness....Gaz and Mike like the castle and Cathedral.Barry has captured some lovely photo's ...
    Hugs Maggie xx