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Saturday 4 July 2009

A bit under the weather ...

Friday 3 July
Another Day of rising late! We’re wondering if there is a leak of gas or something on the boat, we didn’t get up until 10 ‘o clock again, most unlike us. Ah well, it’s a hard life this boating!

The weather had a bit of a change with pelting rain until early this afternoon. Barry felt a bit out of sorts today as well, so I caught the bus into Sutton to visit the pub where I've arranged my 50th party and where we'll now have our English evening wedding reception. Barry’s had a day off photography – he must be unwell bless him.

The Station Public House, Sutton Coldfield

This evening we met up with the couple who have a mooring at the bottom of their garden (friends of a friend - Bruce and Joy), where we may moor our boat up if we decide to keep it to come back again next year. They came onto the boat and Barry picked Bruce’s brain about boat DIY, then we were invited to their’s for a curry – and what a wonderful feast they provided! We all sat till the early hours putting the world to right, a lovely evening.

My mum and dad are coming to see us tomorrow and are taking us out for lunch! We are so lucky to be spoilt by all these people! We hope they'll drive us to Aldridge where we can buy some paint that 'll not be as extortionately expensive as the Chandelry’s charge. Barry got his tips on boat painting from Bruce so we may be getting there at last!

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