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Wednesday 15 July 2009

Courier challenge completed successfully!

Still not a lot of sightseeing done today as we’ve had to try and get the power inverter sorted out. We cannot live without the means to charge our phones and Barry’s camera unfortunately, so it must be either repaired or a replacement sourced. After walking around looking for somewhere such as a British Waterways office to give an address to a courier (no postcode on a narrowboat of course!), we decided to just use the pub up the road. Barry’s first quote for the courier to get the inverter to the place it was manufactured (in Droitwich, just up the road from my parents!), was over £40! The next one was just over £10 (, so no prizes for guessing which one we went for. They provided a very speedy service, and funnily enough the staff at The Green Dragon were happy for us to sit and have a couple of pints while we waited!

So now we just have to wait for the call to tell us how much it will cost to repair the unit; or if they think it’s irreparable (cynically we will suspect because they want us to buy a new one!) we’ll get it back and try and find someone to repair it. So fingers crossed we haven’t got to shell out lots more money …

Not the 'Green Dragon' pub, but just up the canal - another shot of the 'Witch & Wardrobe'

Lovely swans with Millenium statue

Another shot of the 'Glory Hole'

We did manage a walk around Brayford Pool and saw some very interesting ducks that look rather like a turkey's head stuck on a ducks body! As I was saying that to Barry, a Lincolnian (is that you call people from here?) walked past and said that they were actually known to locals as ‘turkey ducks’. Bless them, they are such ugly things but I’m sure their mother loved them! There’s also lots of life around the pool with bars and restaurants; it must be buzzing at night-time, especially when the university is in full swing.

'Turkey Duck'... Looks like its head's on inside out to me

Lincoln was a thriving port many years ago, mainly due to the cloth trade, with large ships coming up the Humber Estuary and along the Trent. Foolishly, the Brayford Pool was almost filled in in the 60's and used for a car park; what a blessing someone sensible made them see sense and they changed their minds, as it's a very important and colourful part of Lincoln.

View across Brayford Pool

Old Warehouse frontage (Seimens)

The cathedral certainly commands attention

The guilotine lock just along from our mooring

Got to throw another housing estate in to stop any expats getting homesick!

A more photogenic housing estate


  1. Some lovely photos in this blog thank you. There are plenty of other on-line parcel delivery companies out there. We've used the likes of many a times. All the best.

    1. We may just give you a try! Thanks for stopping by ;-)