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Monday 22 June 2009

Hatton locks – a long time for a short journey!

We spent all day going down from Hatton to Warwick – 6 hours, 21 locks, and only around 2 miles! I did 13 of the locks (with some help from Barry I must say) and then decided that I had the hardest part and would give the driving a go instead – luckily it wasn’t too hard and I didn’t scrape the boat at all! I still find it really challenging to keep the boat in one place and straight when we have to wait in between locks that are close together, but I probably just need more practice rather than avoiding it - like most challenges in life they're best met head on. The plague of greenflies is back with a vengeance, a very muggy and warm day, and my hay fever is making my eyes sore and watery which is making life rather unpleasant for me :-(!

The daunting look of only part of the 21 locks ahead

The insect life was enormous! (An amazing looking stainless steel sculpture)

This one's for Lee. (You can just feel the hard work involved in restoring this!)

Got a little congested at times. You're meant to pair up with another boat to travel through. We waited for some time but nobody came along. Must have known it was us! so we went alone. Easier with two boats because you can share the workload.

The view back up the flight. Stopped here for lunch and a rest

Lot's of people walking or cycling the towpath.

This little fella chirped and danced around us at one of the locks. Beautiful yellow. Not sure what he is though

Quite imposing locks. Some required a bit of energy to operate

This gate looked like it needed the lawn mower on it

The last lock. Pity this guy, just starting up the flight. Only 20 to go...

Very Relieved
We’re moored on a little arm of the canal here, Saltisford Canal Trust ( or email, and met a fellow Kiwi (John) from north of Auckland who's here for 4 months and has been doing what we're doing for the past 3 years. He and his wife initially came to England for 6 months in 1995 and bought and sold a boat during that visit, but then had a boat made and have a permanent mooring here.

Very Friendly

The two hotel boats that were in the last blog on Saturday

The red & yellow boat belongs to the fellow kiwi
We had a stroll into Warwick and tried to see as much of the Castle as possible, but it’s mostly hidden behind walls! As it’s £19 each entry and looks more like a theme park than a castle, we won’t be partaking of its inner pleasures! A well kept town, with some nice looking buildings but a lot of through traffic – then again we did see it at rush hour but I suspect it is busy much of the day. A trip to Sainsbury's just up the road, and the food cupboards and fridge are well stocked once more.

St Mary's church in Warwick

Nice little Tea rooms in town. You can just see part of the castle in the background

The most we got to see of the castle without paying out the hard earned cash

Sandra out on the town. She'll have builders whistling at her next!

A couple of doves that live in holes in the blockwork at the market square. Guess their ancestors have chipped out the hollows over the past few hundred years.

Must be an easy place to live. You don't have to do any thinking yourself. There's always someone there to help out. Dah!

Lord Leycester Hospital built in 1400, now used as housing for retired ex servicemen and their wives. Still is apparently. (That may be one out walking)

We’ll probably leave tomorrow and try and get a better view of the castle, travelling towards Royal Leamington Spa and beyond …

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