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Monday 15 June 2009

All the world's a stage ...

Sunday 14 June
We had a very pleasant day with my parents today. We left our mooring, which was opposite the church where Shakespeare is buried, and travelled slowly further up the Avon. The number of boats on the river was amazing, it’s a wonder there aren’t lots of crashes and people overboard! Stratford is a very busy place all year round, but definitely on a sunny Sunday in June!

Our first mooring in Stratford

We left the river and returned at last to the canal –going through the lock was a bit of an experience – all the worlds a stage said Shakespeare and I certainly felt like one of the players working the lock with a humongous audience! After a little persuasion I managed to get a couple of blokes to help out opening the gates, but they were quite reluctant – I think they were just enjoying watching me sweating!

Our moorings in Stratford have to be some of the best in the country, and free which is amazing - right in the centre of town close to Shakespeare’s Theatre which is currently being overhauled at a cost of £12.8 million and is not due to be completed until 2010.

Our mooring in the canal basin

The theatre under major re-construction

Stratford on a busy summer Sunday

When in Rome ...

Prince Hal


The Bard himself

Another view of the jester

Which direction shall we take next week?

We had dinner on the boat and then walked mum and dad back to their car where we saw a beautiful hot air balloon overhead.

Evening walk along the river ...

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