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Wednesday 3 June 2009

Cracking on with the curtains

A bit of a change in the weather today, quite overcast and probably only around 18 degrees. Ah well, it was lovely while it lasted …

My mum and dad's cosy home on a grey day ...

Left mum and dads after lunch and drove to my sister Kath’s in Sutton Coldfield, North East of Birmingham. The curtain making has begun in earnest and curtains and linings have been cut out - tomorrow I shall sew them up and try not to make a complete mess of them!

Cutting out the lining and getting the sewing machine ready

The chances are good that Kath may become a grandma for the first time tonight, which will make my parents great-grandparents; so fingers crossed that all works out OK. The midwife in me is sending positive vibes for my beautiful niece to have a lovely, kind, caring and competent midwife to care for her … It’s ironic that I tried to get permission to look after her in labour, but the NHS is so anal that they couldn’t possibly ‘allow’ a midwife from New Zealand to have a contract in an NHS hospital. I’d wondered how I could be here for her as we would be travelling around, had they said it was OK ,and now she is probably going to go into labour while I'm staying with her mum and I can’t be her midwife. Bugger! Ah well, I suppose it would’ve been a bit of a busman’s holiday!

Nothing else happening, no more news on the boat – no news is good news they say!

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