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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Curtains, cats and cute babies

Goodness me, curtain making is a very tedious business! Thank heavens I don’t have to do it very often. My whole day, apart from a walk to Sainsbury’s, a lunch-break and dinner-break, has been spent sewing them up. There are still 10 hems to do once they're hung on their rods on the boat and I’m really not looking forward to that! But they will look a damn sight smarter than the ones that are currently up, so it’ll be worth the hard slog!

My great niece was born this afternoon after much more hard work than my curtain making, all 8lbs 12oz of her (ouch!) – I’m not sure what that is in kgs – English people still work in old weights! Somewhere around 3900g I think. I haven’t seen my sister since last night; she left here at midnight, though I slept through her departure.

The only interesting photo’s I could think of to take today were of Kath’s amazingly different cats – check them out!
Romulus stretching out ...

Remus on the TV - not sure what's actually 'on' the Tv!

I'm off to Brighton tomorrow on the train, then a drive with Kim, my daughter, to Exeter to my sister Viv’s. It’ll be along day travelling, so a blog tomorrow is a highly unlikely event …

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