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Friday 19 June 2009

Lounging around in Lapworth

A very quiet and chilled day reading, embroidering (is that a word? I think not!) and internetting - no travelling by boat only by foot. We’re staying in Lapworth so I can get the train to Sutton Coldfield via Birmingham tomorrow. Barry may drive a little way up the canal – we went for a long walk and found a rather nice looking pub called the 'Tom ‘o the Woods' on the canalside in the direction we'll be travelling on Monday, so I suspect he may be a customer of theirs on Saturday evening!

Sandra chilling and blogging. Note the new curtains!
Another shot of the new curtains
The long walk

Lapworth Junction

The view from our boat

One of the visiting ducks which came on board today

The Navigation pub in Kingswood. We stopped here for a drink two years ago on our boat trip

On Monday we have 21 locks in a row to get through to get to Warwick so we probably both need a weekend off them; they do get a little tiresome after a while. We found a canal shop today and bought all the maps we should need for our journeys over the next 3 months – they include details of all the pubs along the way which is handy, lol.

I’m going to visit my great niece ‘Ria-May’ tomorrow, so that'll be cool. She’s just over 2 weeks old now, so I hope her poor mum is feeling a little more human. Then I’m off to the Ball with Sarah, in a long black dress I bought 6 years ago and have worn only once – I just hope it still fits me!!!!
Barry's changed the tick boxes at the end of our postings today, just to keep you all on your toes - it's always reassuring to find a few ticks there when we log on and know someone out there is interested in our ramblings!!


  1. Wow, great photos this is all making me a little homesick, could you please put some pictures of a few Council Housing Estates on just to remind me what it's really like.

    Great to see you both having such a good time.

    Cheers Lee

  2. Bless you Lee, I'll ask Barry to find some grotty places and post them just for you! Hoppe the shoulder is getting better.