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Thursday 24 June 2010

What a lucky (lock & footie) day

We were extremely fortunate that another narrowboat moored at the basin on Tuesday night and were retuning down the Erewash on Wednesday - it meant we could share the 14 locks with them and therefore halve the work.  It still took us until after the England/Slovenia match to complete them all - and of course it looks like it would've been the most exciting (if you can use such a word for football?!) England World Cup match to date!

P1240228 A lovely man from the Friends of the Cromford Canal Restoration Society who chatted to Barry prior to our departure on Wednesday


Many picturesque canalside cottages on a blue sky day

Another glorious warm and sunny day, many of the locks were in our favour after the half way stage.  We sailed past a boat going in the opposite direction whose occupants said "...yours is the first moving boat we've passed so far today!"  We're pretty sure that this idyll won't last once we're on the River Soar and heading south, so we're making the most of being on a very quiet canal.

Our companion for the day was a narrowboat called 'Hallmark', containing two couples who went up the Erewash on Tuesday, and back again on Wednesday - that's quite a trip!  We've been on the same waterway now since Friday evening and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and some of its places and people along the way.  It seems such a shame to rush through this graceful canal, but then few people have the luxury of time that we (mostly) have.


More friendly fishermen - they don't have to put up with too many interruptions here

P1240256AIdyllic surroundings

P1240263AA timeless, tranquil picture 


Meandering past houses with 'England' flags flying proudly

P1240274  P1240272A

Past the Gallows Inn once more - a lovely lockside pubP1240284Many locks in our favour to glide effortlessly into 


Double locks are so much calmer (and less scary for Sandra!) with two boats in

P1240300A What a perfectly sublime scene P1240334

Awesome old building, must've been a mill in its time



Graceful swans and their cygnets aren't too concerned about their intrusive visitors

P1240361-Panorama1A  Breathtakingly beautiful



Boat building from the end of the garden - 'perch'ed precariously!



We sauntered into 'The Barge Inn' shortly after the match was finished, and found a throng of happy England supporters - so much better than the sombre mood that would've descended had they lost!  Although we're not football fans, we're hoping that England continue to do well as it definitely raises the morale of the public, which can only bring positive consequences for the ailing British economy.


Now we've just got to wait for the All Whites to see if they manage to conquer Paraguay on Thursday afternoon - either way we think it'll have little, if any, effect on New Zealanders moods as they're really just pleased to have got through in the first place and are generally happy positive people regardless of sporting prowess or otherwise - though I do recall a certain All Blacks/France Rugby World Cup match (with a British referee) that the kiwis were robbed of winning (!), and it seemed as though the whole country was up in arms for a while.


A couple of mallards hoping to catch a ride

Grateful to have had such a smooth and uneventful trip from one end of the Erewash to the other on such a superb day, we moored for the night just above Trent Lock, and visited the Navigation Inn to show Julie and Lee (back in Gisborne) that the pub they used to visit occasionally when they lived around here is still thriving.  We'll commence our journey south on the River Soar on Thursday.

P1240411A  P1240415A

A couple of vibrantly coloured old working boats moored close to Trent Lock



Relaxing after a long lock day at the Navigation Inn, on a balmy summer's evening

P1240429A And an almost full moon keeps us company across the glass-like River Trent


Stunning, purple tinged roses adorned the lock cottage at Sandiacre Lock


  1. It's so good to read such a positive story about the Erewash Canal. Normally, there's very little written about it, and what there is is negative.

    I think you'll love the Soar. it rained every day we did the Soar a few years ago, and yet it was still beautiful. And don't believe eveything you hear about Leicester, either!

  2. Those mills in Sandiacre - they were lace mills before conversion fo flats.
    I'm glad you liked the Erewash - its a seriously undervalued canal and justifies many more visitors. Just wait till the Cromford is added to the end - then you will see the crowds flock in.
    Hey, I like your daily flowers.
    I was at Langley Mill on Sunday and thought of you further down the cut.

  3. I think that the All Whites can be very proud. Please don't mention the Socceroos!