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Friday, 4 June 2010

A wander around Wolverhampton

We left The Black Country Museum moorings late on Thursday afternoon and took a short journey to Wolverhampton ready for the 21 lock flight today.


Coseley Tunnel


Not 'The War of the Worlds' but Chillington Wharf

P1210949   Approaching Wolverhampton

We arrived around 7pm Thursday evening - unfortunately we hadn't checked out supermarkets close to the previous mooring (thanks for the message Derek and Dot - we only got it today) and there was little to be found in the way of provisions in the city centre .  There were many scantily clad youths once again, rubbish everywhere and an abundance of 'fast food' places, so I just picked up some essential milk and a meal of chicken, chips and curry sauce!  We moored opposite the BW facilities as there was no towpath access there - for some reason we didn't feel terribly 'safe' overnight!


Moved a little further in the morning to have a wander around Wolverhampton

In the daylight Wolverhampton didn't seem quite so threatening and we moved a little way down so that we could take a walk into town and were pleasantly surprised by the centre with a different mix of people ...

P1210969 Fountain and church in the city centre - not sure if they have a name!

P1210973 Wolverhampton Wanderer's (Wolves) football stadium - even the seating colours are in the shape of a wolf!

Then it was on to the 21 locks - all in excellent condition and in the process of being painted by a group of jolly chaps who opened a couple of them up for us which increased our speed somewhat!



Sandra rests while the top lock empties - on a glorious sunny, summer's day









At one of the locks - the gate wouldn't shut and Barry retrieved this old gate paddle from the canal which had been blocking it!








Lots of locks with bridges crossing the canal ...



We found a great spot to moor up close to 'The Fox and Anchor ' pub at Coven - and there we discovered one of the two 'Cheese Boats' on the canals, with Helen and Dave on board. After a free tasting session, and as cheese and biscuits was on the shopping list, we couldn't resist buying 3 delicious cheeses for 10 pounds, a couple of boxes of crackers and a jar of pickle - that wasn't on the list!



Helen's persuasive powers at work from 'The Cheese Boat'





P1220034 Our mooring for the next couple of nights

We're off on the bus and trains tomorrow to visit Lisa and Rob in Malpas, Cheshire for the day.  Then on Sunday we're having another day out with Andy and Belle on 'Wand'ring Bark'.  What an exciting weekend with family and friends we have ahead ...


  1. Too late now but should you get back to Wolverhampton a visit to the church in your photos, St Peters, is well worth it, as is the Art Gallery next door. VG coffee shop.
    The church used to have a Bishops Chair near the altar made completely from glass but it has been relocated for safety reasons.

  2. Maggie said .....

    Well Barry you have taken a good photo of Mikey's and Gaz's favourite place in Wolverhampton...The Molineux Stadium..both being avid Wolves supporters ..sadly...xx hugs Maggie xx