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Monday 28 September 2009

Simply the best!

Just a quick blog entry to keep you all up to date.

Saturday's wedding was just the most incredible experience; it was even better than we could've wished for.  The sun shone, the sky was blue, there was not a whisper of wind and no boat traffic on the canal during the ceremony.

I arrived early as we were told it took at least 30 minutes to get here from where we were all staying; when in fact we arrived at 1545 - surely a bride should be late not early!  We had to hide in the car park so as not to be seen!  Barry apparently had only got in the shower at 1525, around the time we were getting into the taxi at Penns Hall!

The ceremony was perfect, though for some reason I'm still not entirely sure of the bridesmaids all got onto the roof of Northern Pride along with Barry, the celebrant, Jamie and I - three of us were dressed accordingly in trousers (as we were the only ones who we'd planned to have there) as the others had been led to believe they wouldn't be risking life and limb and were adorned in pretty dresses and heels!  It was very lucky that no other boats used the locks or came past during the service, as if they had we would all have had to crouch down to prevent any mishaps!

Barry had grinded and painted below the rim of one side of the boat, and had to turn it around before mooring at the Dog and Dublet around 2pm bless him.  It certainly looked very shiny!  He'd also had a trip to the barber's since I'd left last Monday, and had a hair and beard trim and was wearing a white short sleeved shirt - he looked very handsome on the roof as I walked along the red carpet - in fact I thought it must be another man as I couldn't focus without my glasses on!

The ceremony was magical; Kim was rather overwhelmed having to vocalise her reading to not only the 70 or so guests, but members of the public as well, having a quiet drink, who gathered around to discover what the occasion was - bless her!  Barry managed to say his bits and read out his vows with just the occasional impromptu joke, and I almost managed to get through mine without shedding a tear or two.

There were many people taking photos, and Barry did a fantastic job getting a group shot which we'll get onto the blog over the next day or two (yes he photographed his own wedding group shot; that will surprise no-one who knows him!); just bear with us as we've only just got back on board late this afternoon (and it's been my 50th birthday today!). 

More to follow soon ...

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