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From the 2009 & 2010 tantalising tales, traumas and stunning photographs of Barry (photographer) and Sandra (writer) from New Zealand aboard NB 'Northern Pride', to the stories of their 2013 return journey, purchase of 'AREandARE', progress on sustaining their live aboard continuous cruiser lifestyle, and Barry's quest to gain residency and 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' in UK ...

Thursday 17 September 2009

Guardian angels

My (almost) worst nightmare came true this morning.  All of the batteries on the boat were flat and the engine couldn't start - and of course that meant that the toilet wouldn't flush - OMG!  Even Barry briefly lost his usual cool, calm demeanour and struggled to work out a plan of action!  The best he could come up with was getting on his bike and finding a garage and asking them to lend him a battery and some jumper leads - yeah right said I, this is England, it's not gonna happen!

  P1130990                                                            Shortly afterwards a small boat cruised by and Barry asked if he possibly had any jump leads on board - "Yes I do as it happens," said the friendly chap.  He proceeded to get on his walkie talkie and asked the boat following him, who he knew, to moor up alongside us so that they could jump-start us.  They had two sets of leads between them which was fantastic as one set probably wouldn't have reached.  And in no time at all we heard the noise of our poor little engine running once more; what a blissful sound!  I reckon my guardian angel has befriended Barry's and they're conspiring to keep us safe.


The crew of Emma and friend on the blue boat - Thanks team!

How lucky were we that they came sailing by?  Thanks guys - we didn't even get your names!  The larger boat was NB Emma, but we didn't catch the smaller boats name.  By the law of Karma good things will be returned to you all in abundance, bless you.

Barry contacted Charlie this morning and arranged to get a new alternator to the boat that he'll come and fit in a couple of days; bless you too Charlie!





The canals are full of little delights - if you keep your eyes peeled!

P1150003 Part of Hawkesyard Hall, just out of Rugeley

P1150004 Think this boat was designed by a 747 engineer, it's huge


The 'Armitage Shanks' toilet making factory at Armitage


 with some products ready for action - sorry no toilet humour allowed!!


Now I've seen everything!

We motored along to Handsacre where my niece and great niece live, and they came to the boat for lunch.  Ria-May has grown so much since I last saw here, and after about two hours my arms were aching from holding her even for short periods - I can't imagine how people cope with babies any more, I suppose you just have to get on with it!  She's a gorgeous wee girl, very happy and giggly, a credit to her beautiful mummy Victoria and daddy Phil.

    P1150035 P1150049(1)P1150133(1) P1150110(1)

Today the temperature dropped considerably and it was only registering 10 degrees on the thermometer inside the boat, so must've only been about 6 outside, brrrr.....

In the afternoon we continued onto Whittington, arriving at dusk not far from The Swan pub where we met up with my eldest sister Kath and her new man Pete. Lovely to see you both and we'll catch you again at the wedding next week!


A few shots coming through Fradley Junction turning onto the Coventry Canal

P1150140 P1150141 P1150143 P1150149 P1150152P1150151

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  1. Hi
    The long blue boat you saw at Rugeley was designed to look a bit like a 1930's train. It it certianly memorable, but probably not to everyone's taste. See you on Tuesday - have a great day on Saturday.