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Wednesday 19 August 2009

Yet more stowaways!

We’re just slowly sauntering along the canal for a few days now, as my eldest daughter Lisa is coming to stay with us this weekend and we want to avoid the rushing about that occurred with our recent visitors. We intend to be at the bottom of the Wigan flight of 21 (crikey!) locks on Friday afternoon so we can meet her at the station there.

The view from our mooring first thing this morning, the top lock at Wheelton

Barry had a little walk around the lock before we departed

A magnificent floral display outside the Top Lock pub

Must take a lot of looking after!

Notice on the BW office window, we're guessing it's a joke!
You'd want to keep it away from low bridges

Narrowboat Morwena II moored for water opposite us this morning, so Barry went and had a chat and offered to share today’s seven locks with them which they happily agreed to. I decided to take a break and do the driving and let Barry get some exercise working the locks for a change. We both coped admirably with our role swap! I was extra careful as they’d only collected their recently purchased boat last Saturday in Skipton, and it looked very swish, so I didn’t want to scrape it. They're on their way down to Bidford-on-Avon where they have a mooring over the coming six weeks , but originate from Devon.
Sandra leads the way into the lock
She's getting a lot more confident now after four months of practice!

A cosy fit

Some contented mallards along the way soaking up the sun

And some lovely horses looking happy

Seven locks to get through today and the team is working well

This is the tricky part especially when the wind is blowing!
There's just sufficient space for two narrowboats in the lock
Sandra's turn first into this one
A lovely photo spoilt by the washing hanging out at the front!
But it was such a good drying day, and that's the reality of living aboard a boat

Oh dear, this could be an ancient boating monument!
Looks like something's eaten it and just left the bones, maybe it was the tunnel monster?!

Part of Botany Bay, large entertainment and shopping complex in Chorley

Think this pirate (note the flag) was in getting supplies??

Botany Bay - best to sail right on past so Sandra isn't tempted to spend any money!
Following the locks we soon arrived in Chorley and stopped for lunch. We weren’t sure how far away the town centre was so Barry got on his bike to explore and returned an hour or so later regaling me with tales of the sights he’d seen but stating that it would be a long walk, so I didn’t get to see anything other than the canal bank! Ah well, never mind.

Picture-perfect town centre

A busy Wednesday in Chorley
No market today, typically there's one almost every other day of the week!

Looks like a lovely pub 'The Swan With Two Necks'

I think this is the Town Hall

Astley Hall - magnificent setting!
Some of the gorgeous gardens

The imposing entrance

Barry peeked through one of the windows, very grand!

A Scottish Thistle, growing outside the front windows

Very ornate drainpipe, dated 1762

Not sure what flower this is but it's very pretty and the bees love it too

A close up of the Hall - you wouldn't want to be the window cleaner!

Possibly the gamekeeper's cottage - very Hansel and Grettel-like

More stunning floral displays, thousands scattered all around the town

Yet another northern pub
When Barry returned to the boat, he picked up some more locals loitering on the towpath; this time it was three young lads called Liam, Liam and Declan! Of course they’d never been on a boat before so the obligatory boat ride was given. I think we’ll have to start charging; maybe we could fund next year’s trip!!

Liam, Liam and Declan!

For those who don't know, Barry used to do all the school photography and family portraiture for the Gisborne area so is an expert in getting the best out of kids!
Fishing with a fire going - maybe ready to BBQ any that may be unfortunate enough to be caught?!

Nature's amazing art work on the inside of this bridge leaving Chorley

Looked like a children's ride on the side of the canal

A while later, at bridge 73, we came across the renowned ‘Frederick’s Ice Cream Parlour’ which Derek and Dot had told us about. It's rumoured that there are often long queues to enter the premises and choose from the vast range of Italian ice creams. There are outlets in Manchester and Wigan too, highly recommended; even I relished my banoffee scoop complete with fudge stick (naughty but nice!). Barry chose one scoop of liquorice & blueberry AND a scoop of praline; he has an ice-cream fetish that can't be satisfied with our tiny freezer on board! I'll have to do some more walking to use up the extra calories consumed, lol.

Mmmm.... that one's a little too big, I'd be the size of a house!

Never seen such a selection before!

That didn't last long!

Our quiet mooring for the night

We moored up at Adlington ready to fill-up with Diesel in the morning at the boatyard, and had a quiet night in chilling after another leisurely day ...

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  1. you are packing so much in ,in such a short time....loved the rosie and jim photo....go to find out more about them ....mischievous ragdolls having adventures when their owner goes off the barge..LOL...x Kim looked well..x Barry;s photo's continue to amaze me of the sight of our country thta we do not get to see....i love th edales ..we go up there next Friday for a week in a cottage to chill. Soph had her Aesults today got A in Art and the 2 B's and C and D..the girl done good. Mike gets his results on the 27th ....xx Take care both ..hugs xx Mags xx