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Tuesday 18 August 2009

Launderette at last!!

A very short journey of three miles today as far as a place called Wheelton. It's been such a contrast to yesterday; the canal is clean and the surroundings pleasant once more.

Wheelton is a quaint and quiet village, but best of all we found a little launderette here! Whoopee! Though it’ll be tough to go back to living on land, being able to wash our clothes when we need to will be such a luxury. I spent much of the day there, chatting amiably to the young female manager who was most helpful and supplied me with sufficient change whenever requested.

A traditional looking narrowboat at first glance, however this one's a wide beam narrowboat. Possibly the narrowboat equivalent of a fat b--tard?!
Wheelton Village, just up from the canal

Looks like a handy man's needed in this cottage

The war memorial town clock in the centre of the village

Beautiful little post office

Photography studio on the main intersection, now where have I seen that before?

'Sadie the cleaning lady' - well Sandra the washerwoman!

In between five loads of washing and drying, we’ve cleaned the boat inside and out and polished the brass. The sun's been shining and the temperature has been pleasant at around 19°C. A blissful day to make up for my negativity yesterday.

In the evening we thought we'd make the most of the balmy temperature and walk back along the towpath to Withnell Fold, just because it sounded interesting! We weren't dissapointed ...

Along the way we met a few goats - is he acting or for real??

Fishing by the canal at bridge 88
The village of Whithnell Fold sprang up around the paper mill built by T. B. Parke in the 1840's. There's a three-sided square of charming cottages in the village that were built for the workers, and are obviously desired residences today judging by the flash cars parked outside! The fourth side of the sqaure houses some old stocks.

The chimney from the Mill last used in Dec 1967 when papermaking ceased, and saved from demolition by the citizens of Withnell Fold

Withnell Fold Paper Mill
Rag sorting c1950

'The Reading Room' where dances and functions were held in the early 20th century

Sandra in the stocks - "who's been a naughty girl then?"

The sign on the gate of the house said "Beware of the rabbits"
He doesn't look scary; funny but not scary!
Actually there's a certain resemblance to a kiwi photographer ...

T.B. Parke and his hare. Not sure what the hare was all about

This is a picture of the real man from the internet
Oh those mutton chops! Actually I might grow a set of those myself ...

Actually a striking likeness to Thomas Blinkhorn Parke
Apparently he was very strict but also very fair to his workers, unlike most mill owners

We stopped for a drink at a pub in High Wheelton and then again at The Top Lock adjacent to our moorings - it's such a tough life!!!

The bar at the 'Top Lock' pub, looked like a good range of English & Belgium beers on tap
Very tasty Indian meals served here Sunday to Tuesday we were informed

Well attended for a Tuesday night

There'd been a quiz night on Monday, a poker night Wednesday and live music Thursday - of course we went on a Tuesday!!!

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  1. Interesting when you both do the captions for the photos when the majority are done in relation to Sandra ... is it her that wants to grow those lovely looking facial locks?!!!