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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Slow but steady progress towards Silsden

Today's blog definitely makes up for the limited photos in the last one! Barry had a field day.

Our aim today was to return Corrie to her car in Silsden, but once again things didn’t quite go to plan! We left Apperley Bridge after a visit to the Post Office, and soon came upon our first double at Dobson locks. I went to get rid of the rubbish with Joe, and buy a pump out card, while Kim opened the gates for Barry as the lock was in our favour. Once the gates were closed, Kim and Joe opened the upper paddles in the correct sequence, but things didn’t seem to be happening. We then noticed that the lower paddles hadn’t been closed properly by the previous boaters, so the water was basically seeping out of the bottom faster than the lock could fill up! When Barry and I checked the upper lock (it’s a staircase so two locks are together), we could actually see the bottom of the lock. Oh bugger we thought, that’s not a good look! So we had to close the middle paddles and open the top ones to re-fill that part, before once more filling the bottom one. The whole process took us about an hour, rather a delay to our itinerary!

Huge Dobson Double Locks

The water was overflowing out of the bottom after we had to re-fill the top lock!

Corrie and Kim sit at the bow

Beautiful countryside along the way

Joe and Kim making the most of the intermittent sunshine

The first three tiered staircase lock

Kim and Joe do the locks, Sandra drives the boat, and Barry skips around taking photos!!

Better than going to the gym!

Corrie takes a turn

Cute little villages along the way

Joe topless at the tiller!

A pair of natural boaters

We reached Shipley and stopped briefly for lunch; it looked like a lovely little town but we had no choice but to push on as we had to arrive at the Bingley Three Rise by 1500 or they would be closed!! No pressure or anything!
The chances of reaching Silsden were becoming slimmer as the day progressed … There were more chimneys galore on the route, and it was obvious that the landscape was changing as we approached the Yorkshire Dales. This must be one of the most beautiful parts of England, we’re so very fortunate to be seeing the scenery so sedately by narrowboat.
Hand in hand to the next lock

A trio of chimneys

Converted canalside houses at Kildwick

Passing alongside Salts Mill at Saltaire - the factory that Titus Salt ran and he also had a village built for his workers with all amenities, apart from a pub (!), as he was so appalled at the living conditions in Bradford

A popular tourist spot, it's a short walk to the village

Looking down from the top of the lock - the sunflowers are getting lots of positive comments

Another chimney ...

More canalside apartments

Coming up to the Damart factory in Bingley - where the thermal underwear is made!

We managed to get to the Bingley Three and consequently Five Rise in time for the last lock up of the day. Once more we shared with Bill and his crew on Narrowboat Kestrel, who were waiting at the lock for us when we arrived.
The beginning of the Bingley Three Rise

Kim tries out her karate kick

Buddying up once more in the locks

Sandra and Corrie take charge of the boat

The Bingley Five Rise is one of the highlights of the English canals, five locks which take you up a height of 59 feet 2 inches over a distance of 320 feet, and incredibly were built in 1774. It really is one of the most amazing sights to see and experience. Once we got to the summit it was time for some well deserved ice creams. Kim befriended some children as she was assisting with the locks, and they all sat together for their treats.

An imposing sight, luckily they were in our favour otherwise we would've had to wait at least an hour for boats to come down!

Here we go ...

Just squeezed in alongside Kestrel

All ship-shape

Barry the lock-keeper, he's been doing this job for 32 years bless him!

Lots of gongoozelers at the Five Rise

Crikey, it's a long way up

Looking down at Bingley

Kim's new best-mate Ted

A gaggle of gongoozelers

Bill, Captain of Kestrel, with his All Blacks sweatshirt and rugby ball

Industry doesn't necessarily mean drab scenery

Joe and his mum Corrie

Ted, his sister Daisy and their dad; Kims new adopted family!

The first black swan we've seen in England, plenty of them in New Zealand; looks as though it's dressed up for a night at the theatre with it's ruffled feathers and red lipstick!

As we’d had such a protracted journey due to the delays along the way, Corrie decided to get back on her bike around 6pm and cycle to Silsden, as it was apparent that it would take us another couple of hours by boat and she still had to drive back to Liverpool. It was a shame she couldn’t stay another night but she'd already made plans for tomorrow. It was cool to have her on board, we love flexible, spontaneous people!

Kim, Sandra, Joe and Corrie

Another one for the family album

Corrie's off on her bike; bye for now, it was great to have you on board ...

Have sleeping bag and fold-up bike will travel

The last swing bridge before our mooring, 'The Marquis of Granby' pub on the left

We moored in Riddlesden, close to Keighley, for the night and didn’t even make it as far as Silsden! After dinner we had a stroll round the corner to the The Marquis of Granby pub. Unfortunately (says I!) there were two large screen TV’s showing a football match, my worst nightmare! England were playing Holland in a friendly match, which ended up a 2-2 draw. Barry did get quite mesmerised at one point, we think it’s because it’s so long since we looked at a television screen, not that there was anything exciting about the game!
The pub had a fairly subdued atmosphere, even with the football on, and as we were all pretty cream crackered we left for an early night. Everyone was in bed and asleep by 11pm for a change, full of fresh air and exercise …

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