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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A wet day in Worcester

At mum and dad’s now in Ombersley and had a much longed for bath last night! The internet coverage is much faster here so I thought I’d try and upload a few of the photos from Evesham that I wasn’t able to get on previously...

Evesham Lock House, on the other side of my island - apparantly the most photographed building on the canal network. Unfortunately it's condemned and uninhabitable due to the last flood and is going to be demolished and re-built

The lock keepers cat comes to sniff around the boat, and the geese on the island

It’s pouring with rain today, though still quite warm, so my sister and I are going on a shopping trip to Worcester and hopefully we’ll find some material to make some new curtains from Northern Pride – the flowery ones just have to go! I think we’re also going to see the movie Star Treck.

Watched TV last night for the first time in weeks, ‘Have I got news for you?’ was very funny, but boy the news is dismal isn’t it? Why on earth do people feel compelled to watch it and then feel miserable about all sorts of things that they can do nothing about? We had a TV on the boat, but we put it in the cupboard under the steps and there it will stay!

Have had a chat with Bob and he should be able to help me to drive the boat up to the Marina next week, so that’s a relief! The Marina called and the boat will be going to have its bottom blacked on Monday.

It’s very strange being in a house and having so much room - it's really very cosy on board ur little boat, but I think I'd go a bit crazy if I stayed on the boat alone for two and a half weeks!

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