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From the 2009 & 2010 tantalising tales, traumas and stunning photographs of Barry (photographer) and Sandra (writer) from New Zealand aboard NB 'Northern Pride', to the stories of their 2013 return journey, purchase of 'AREandARE', progress on sustaining their live aboard continuous cruiser lifestyle, and Barry's quest to gain residency and 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' in UK ...

Sunday 3 May 2009

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Wednesday 29 April
We had a lovely evening in Llangollen last night, and our second trip to the Wynnstay Arms - lovely friendly Landlord and Landlady. There were 6 of us in the bar, one from Ireland, one from Wales, one from Liverpool (he sounded like a scouser!), one from South Africa, one from NZ and one from Birmingham (well Sutton Coldfield actually!). We sat and put the world to right over a pint or two; good harmless fun. One of the subjects we discussed was the outbreak of Swine Flu – and the fact that Barry and I were on the same Air New Zealand flight as the students and teachers from Rangitoto College in Auckland, who were at that stage on their way to Mexico via LA, and some now apparently have the illness. Bless them, they were so sweet we had 2 students and a teacher sit next to us at different times during the flight - they kept changing places. So we are hoping that they are all OK.

Llangollen at night is like a little model fairy village, very pretty.
Yesterday I witnessed a gang rape – it was awful! This poor female duck was being chased and then held down by about 7 male ducks while they each had their wicked way with her, I was traumatised by the sight, nature is indeed cruel at times – you would have hated it Lisa L. Today we fed the ducklings which were just hilarious, it wasn’t possible to count them but I think there were about 33 (no wonder there are so many ducklings, now I understand!). They were all falling over each other to get a crumb of bread! And it was great that the adult ducks all kept out of the way while their chicks got fed, so maybe the duck world isn’t so bad?!
We moored at Chirk overnight, 5 minutes walk from the railway station ready to go down to Birmingham Thursday.
Sandra's been polishing the brass vents etc, and planting pansies for the boat. (touch of castles & roses sneeking in!!)

Thursday 30 April
Guess what? It’s raining persistently once again! I’m off to sunny Spain…
Caught bus from Chirk to Llangollen to buy the water pump for the shower that I should have bought when we were there, but was too tight to pay for. Missed the last bus backto Chirk so friendly bus driver took me to Cefn-Mawr and managed to get a bus from there. Motored down to Hindford to 'Jack Mytton' pub arriving about 9.15pm. In time to have enjoyable night with publican, locals and other boaters. Sampled a few of wares (which is only polite).
Friday 1st May
Still at pub mooring. Fitted pump, fixed bedroom light and other maintanence, went to pub for lunch and a beer, more maintanence, back to pub for dinner and few more beers.
Saturday 2nd May
Kath, Sandra's sister and Tim a friend arrived for weekend, so got away about 11.30am heading back to Llangollen (might apply for residency there). Got all the way arriving at 8.00pm, Tim had made a curry for dinner, so after was a walk into town and stangely, a tour of a few of the local pubs.
Kath and the Tim who drove the boat the whole way
Making it look easy
Chirk Marina complete with a New Zealand flag
Once more over the Aquaduct. (Lovely sunny day)


  1. Hi have just returne home been staying at mums fr 4 days as was getting the bathroom done and then the floors done. great to be home. Life her qiute boring compared to yours.of to auchland tomorrow to see Jamie off sounds like she had a great faewell party. Tom cme over yesterday and had a good chat for about a an hour he looks great he had just been to the circus.Roxanne is home and lokks great adrienne is happy to have her home abit of sad news for adrienne her dog sam got ran over the other day so is not happy. but love life is good. Graham getting a new boat and Deb is getting a new kitchen so she is happy. The weather has been shit here rainning for the last 5 days am over it. winter can got now. well happy traverling boatting. Jade wants to know when you are coming home I said a wee while yet.She said that is good that barry is with you sandra this time. I wounder what goes though her mind some time she is singing and dancing next to me. Great times to yo all lots of love ali and family

  2. The sun has come out his morning after a miserable week. I fear winter is looming close! Hope your April showers are gone. Your photos are fantastic - I look forward to checking the site each day to see whats new. Where are you off to next?

  3. I think I want to give up the orchard for the winter and come and join you! We spent a couple of days on the llango?? canal years ago and it really is the most beautiful place, especially in spring. Thanks for the wedding invite - we will be there. Off to Auckland to give the gorgeous grand son one last hug before they go back to the USA - very sad but thank god or whoever for Skype. Keep having lots of fun xx