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Monday 18 May 2009

Tootling about in Tewkesbury

Monday 18 May
We stayed put in Tewksbury today and had a good look around. Another lovely town, full of very old black and white and mostly completely crooked buildings. My friend Sarah came to visit us and we had home baked rolls and soup (Heinz, not home made, I’m not quite that domesticated and I don’t have a blender!) for lunch.

The High Street

Tewkesbury Abbey

One of the weirs/floodgates in Tewkesbury - a huge flood in July 2007 almost wiped out the town!

Cool door knocker!

One of the many alleyways in Tewkesbury

Another of the many alleyways in Tewkesbury. There were 90 but now only about 30 remain.
Buildings in all sorts of shapes and designs

Dinky church

Our mooring in Tewkesbury

Tewkesbury lock, from the River Severn to the River Avon

The bridge at Tewkesbury - boats can only go under the right hand arch!

Some beautiful black and white buildings in Tewkesbury

How crooked is the old mill building?!

The weather remains very changeable; bright sunshine one minute and pouring with rain the next, and still that ear biting chill in the wind – when is the warm summer that Barry promised us all going to appear?! I may have to sue him for breach of contract if it doesn’t come soon!

We had a lovely meal and a few drinks this evening in The Black Bear, the oldest pub in Gloucester, built in 1308. Celebrated it's 700th birthday last year. Allegidly haunted!!

Ye Olde Black Bear Inn & one of the few photo's of us together with a little camera trickery!!!

We’ll amble up the Avon tomorrow, but won’t go too far as we have to stretch out the next 15 days to get our money’s worth out of the river license…


  1. You guys are gonna have some amazing piccies to show everyone. Everywhere looks so beautiful!! Keep the faith, your gorgeous summer will shortly be arriving! Hope you guys are having a fabulous time and am loving reading all about it (with much jealousy!). Take care. All my love Lisa xxxx

  2. Thanks Lisa, we are having a great time, but a little twist in the tale now...