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Monday 31 March 2014

Lock gate step-over disclaimer!

You have to be a little cautious when putting your words out into the world.

And I know this.

Every so often I write something that touches a nerve for someone, and yesterday's post was one of those.

While writing the story I recall thinking it would be a good idea to write some sort of disclaimer - I didn't want people to start stepping over lock gates willy nilly and then coming back and suggesting it was all my fault for encouraging such foolishness if something went awry!

But I forgot.

So thank you Martin, for commenting, and raising awareness of the fact that actually, the step-over, if you don't make it to the other side, can indeed be catastrophic. My imaginary 'catastrophising' was not out of context! Luckily when his wife didn't make it, she didn't damage herself too much - and it didn't stop her from boating in the future (but then they're 'can-do kiwis', whose resilience never fails to amaze me).

Whether you step-over the lock gates, or walk around the other end each time, is entirely your choice and responsibility - but you all know this of course ;-)

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