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From the 2009 & 2010 tantalising tales, traumas and stunning photographs of Barry (photographer) and Sandra (writer) from New Zealand aboard NB 'Northern Pride', to the stories of their 2013 return journey, purchase of 'AREandARE', progress on sustaining their live aboard continuous cruiser lifestyle, and Barry's quest to gain residency and 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' in UK ...

Friday, 1 October 2010

Apologies - a plethora of visitors, now back to a boat to ourselves for the final few weeks ...

Apologies to everyone, we've been terribly slack, but are absolutely fine if somewhat shattered! 

One of our readers recently suggested our apologies sound like we're trying to hand in our homework on time and failing miserably - it's really not that onerous, honestly, in fact we love blogging, but unfortunately (well fortunately really!) we haven't had a day without visitors for more than three weeks now so spending four to six hours putting a daily blog together has understandably gone out of the window.  We were also fortunate enough to spend two days in Paris for my birthday on Tuesday and Wednesday - tres bien!

We'll be getting back down to it over the coming days and weeks, and one day we may even catch up again, though probably not until we're back in New Zealand!

Northern Pride is now on the market, though we've only managed a sign in the window so far - a page with photographs and useful information about her will be appearing on the blog over the next day or so - if anyone is interested do drop us an email with any queries ..

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  1. Phew - was a bit worried about you. Sad about NP being on the market - but inevitable.