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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Back to Droitwich!

No, not by boat, by train again!

I'm spending a few days with my elderly parents, whilst aiming to negotiate the minefield of what support could be available to them via the NHS/their GP/Age Concern, etc.  It's certainly not simple, and I suspect there's been a lot of budget cuts since I last worked clinically in the NHS in 2001. Fingers crossed though I've armed myself with a few possibilities to discuss with my dad's GP tomorrow.  We shall see ...

Barry meanwhile is 'boat alone' again - and I suspect loving the peace and quiet! He's moved from Penkridge, where I left him on Friday morning, to Stafford.  So if anyone's around the area, do go and say hi to him.  I'll be back on board before he gets scurvy (he always jokes this happens when I leave him for any length of time and he has to rely on his own cooking skills), which I hope will be Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

Last Wednesday meanwhile we both had a very special treat - Helen, from Wandr'ing Bark and Wild Side fame, scooped us up (as she'd been to their boat at Calf Heath) and took us to her and Andy's home in Sutton Coldfield.  We were supplied with gin and tonics, a beef casserole, then Eaton Mess.  Marvellous and utterly delicious! Though the kitchen did sway a little (and we only had one gin and tonic, honest!) - it's unnerving when that happens due to your balance centres mistaken belief that you're still in a floating home.

Helen featured in this months 'Waterways World'.  Disappointingly she didn't get a write up for being the ONLY narrowboat trader at the St Richard's Festival, but did get the kudos of a photo - and if you look very closely you'll see Barry and I lingering at her delicious jams and preserves stall too ...

Helen and Andy's house was teaming with jars and bottles of produce for their business - it has rather taken over I think!  But in a good way.  Business is booming, and if you want to know more read the 'Canal Boat' article - they generously gave her more than just a photo!

It's difficult to believe tomorrow we're already into July, the seventh month of the year - incredible!  We have a few more lovely visitors coming to spend time with us, so I'm hoping this beautiful warm weather (27 degrees apparently at Heathrow airport registered today, warmest day of the year) is going to last ...

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  1. Thats a very arresting photo of Helen in Droitwich ;-). It was great to see you both.