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Sunday 23 May 2010

Bondi and beyond

On Thursday we made the most of the fine weather and took a ride out to Bondi to visit where my eldest daughter lived for almost a year back in 1999/2000.  Bondi is known as a surfer's paradise - though it'd be challenging to avoid riding over a fellow surfer - even in late autumn the sea was teeming with wetsuits riding the waves.


 Chilling in a Glebe cafe

Some shots of Bondi beach ...


 P1200831 Panorama Lo Res




 P1200839 We had a drink in the 'Icebergs Bar' at the top end of the beach where there are salt water pools  you can swim in at high tide - it looked rather chilly, but not as much as it will do in mid-winter when they apparently put ice in the pool and some mad people jump in!  Hence the name I suspect.


  View across the harbour from Watson's Bay - not a narrowboat in sight!!!











 Awesome to see these beautiful birds flying wild - a rainbow lorikeet and a kookaburra




 Dramatic scenes from a cliff top walk


It's great to have Barry's amazing photography back on the blog; writing can be interesting but '...a picture paints a thousand words'


  1. Frances and I met in Glebe in 1971, we recently visited our old haunts when we went back there this year. Great photos as usual.

  2. The photography is an inspiration to all us amateurs out there.
    Safe journey,