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Thursday 27 May 2010

Hanbury Hall and Wharf

On Tuesday we thought we'd use our new National Trust membership cards and visit Hanbury Hall, where you can discover whether money and beauty bring happiness!  It's a beautiful place, not far from Droitwich Spa, with a chequered history - squandering of riches and scandalous affairs amongst the aristocracy!  We came away having the same opinion as when we arrived - money and beauty can definitely bring happiness but when abused can also bring much misery!  We'd love to have the opportunity to prove that we could be rich AND happy, but we won't hold our breath that it'll ever transpire ...


 The entrance to Hanbury Hall



 Beautifully restored gardens










 Me and my mum in the courtyard 



P1200953 A

P1200975 A












 Hearing about the history of the occupants of Hanbury Hall prior to the National Trust taking over




  The painted staircase which saved the Hall from demolition, telling the story of Achilles who disguised himself as a woman to hide from those trying to kill him, but Ulysses sussed him out when he brought gifts of jewellery, a shield and spear and Achilles chose the latter!!   

Artwork by Sir James Thornhill -he also painted St Paul's cathedral



P1200968 A

P1200970 A

P1200972 B


P1200985 A

 Hanbury Wharf near to the junction of the almost restored Droitwich canal 

 P1200996 A

Today, Thursday, we're leaving Worcestershire and my parents and heading back to Northern Pride - we're very excited!  It'll be cool to be back on board and we'll be welcoming my eldest daughter Lisa tomorrow, and Barry's daughter Jamie on Saturday.

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