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Thursday, 30 January 2014

The wonders of the blogosphere

It never ceases to amaze me, since we began our boating blogging in April 2009, how wondrous  blogging can be. 

Through my ramblings, and Barry's incredible photography, we've met some fabulous people that I'd mention individually, but I know if I did it's highly likely I'd miss someone out - so I won't as I'd hate to offend anyone! But those reading who've met or been in touch with us, know who they are. We're blessed to have you as a part of lives, thank you for getting in touch, or shouting a 'hello' as we pass, and for sharing our journeys and magical memories.

And thank you to those who haven't yet been in contact, or commented on any posts - we hope one day to hear from or meet you.

I posted yesterday about Barry's unusual feet, which it appears are not so unique. The lovely 'Mich' commented to say she too has challenges to get shoes to fit, and has passed on a website for 'Pavers', which we'll check out for future reference - and it turns out they have a shop in Chester, a twenty minute bus ride away from us! Well fancy that! This morning a woman at the Marina who I go to Zumba Gold with each week, says her son has a similar problem. Sharing is most definitely caring!

When we posted about our hire car dilemma, Andy and Elly kindly offered information on annual hire car insurance that we took up, which gives us peace of mind rather than paying silly amounts to Enterprise each time (though they are wonderful in most other ways!).

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