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From the 2009 & 2010 tantalising tales, traumas and stunning photographs of Barry (photographer) and Sandra (writer) from New Zealand aboard NB 'Northern Pride', to the stories of their 2013 return journey, purchase of 'AREandARE', progress on sustaining their live aboard continuous cruiser lifestyle, and Barry's quest to gain residency and 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' in UK ...

Thursday 8 September 2011

Barry makes an exhibition of himself ...

As strange as it may seem to folks back in Blighty, Barry's photographs of our waterway journeys have been popular here in Gisborne.  He's given three verbal and slide show presentations of our journeys to the Camera Club and two Rotary Clubs, been invited to speak at the Country Women's Institute (but unfortunately wasn't available on the day they requested) and has another invitation for a group called U2A - the University of the second age we think.

Barry has also just distributed flyers for three, two-day, photography workshops in September/October, November and February next year, which we'll hold at our house - so fingers crossed that he gets some interest.  He has a very high profile here in Gisborne as a photographer, so I'm sure many people will snap up his offer!

Additionally, as previously mentioned, Barry was involved in a three-day exhibition of some of his work at the end of July/beginning of August, next door to the studio that he previously owned, D & K Photography.

Below are some shots of the exhibition, and the prints that he has for sale and that sold, all helping on our journey back to the waterways in 2013  ...


 The Gisborne Herald article about the exhibition


 Barry entertains the onlookers


 The waterfall in the picture is in New Zealand - his talent extends to more than just UK waterways shots!


 Some awesome photos 


 On the left of the picture is the D & K images - Barry's are on the right


 Barry should maybe get some commission from the British Tourist Board?!


 Drew Hill, with some of his prints


Phil Scott, who bought Barry's business, shows off his family stories photos

P1440330  Some more of Barry's shots 


 There was also a slide show playing on the screen at the back 


Door Hinge from Lichfield Cathedral

20x20" Stretched Canvas Print $180.00


Leicestershire Poppy field

15x20" Stretched Canvas Print $180.00

P1250853A-Sky-24x18inch-Canvas  Leicestershire field

24x18" Stretched Canvas Print $160.00

P1330445A-Cobblestones-24x18inch-Canvas After the rain at Bristol Docks

18x24" Stretched Canvas Print $190.00 - SOLD

P1270747A-Church-28x18inch-Canvas St Mary's Church at Lower Heyford

28x18" Stretched Canvas Print $250.00


Rowing boats under Eavesham Bridge on the Avon

22x27" Stretched Canvas Print $280.00

P1300424A-25x19inch-Canvas Poppies in a wheat field near Dorchester

25x19" Stretched Canvas Print $250.00

P1310461A-Bottles-30x22inch-Canvas Old bottles in a pawn shop at Hungerford

30x22" Stretched Canvas Print $300.00 - SOLD

P1070103A-Chimneys-21x18inch-Print The chimneys and roof tops of York

21x18" Framed print including white matte $180.00 - SOLDP1060239A-Lillies-21x18inch-Print Derelict row boat amongst water lilies

21x18" Framed print including white matte $180.00 - SOLDP1060572A-Tern-23x18inch-Print

Tern in flight

 23x18" Framed print including white matte $180.00 


Rainy day in Worcester

 20x16" Framed print including white matte $170.00 


Preening swan

17x22" Framed print including white matte $220.00 


 Mersey barges

 21x15" Framed print including white matte $180.00 


The packet house at Worsley

 20x16" Framed print including white matte $160.00 


Old mooring rope

 23x18" Framed print including white matte $180.00 


 Sunny day on the Grand Union Canal

 20x26" Framed print including white matte $280.00 


Woodshed at Bugsworth Basin

 21x18" Framed print including white matte $195.00 


Derelict barges on the Birmingham Old Main Line Canal

 26x17" Framed print including white matte $220.00 


Moorings at Shardlow

 26x18" Framed print including white matte $195.00 


 Erewash Canal near Long Eaton

 20x14" Framed print including white matte $190.00 


 "Crooked Little House" at Banbury

 29x20" Framed print including white matte $300.00 


Parisian lady exercising the dog

 20x16" Framed print including white matte $170.00 


 Pohutakawa tree root

 20x26" Framed print including white matte $280.00 - SOLD


Korokoro Falls at Lake Waikaremoana

30x20" Framed print including white matte $300.00

Barry still has an exhibition of some of his pictures in Verve Cafe, Gisborne.


Here is a copy of the promotional poster of Barry's upcoming photography workshops

Photography Course Poster 2 Lo Res


  1. Can I give him $160.00 when we meet out on the cut one day for a lesson? Or we could do a contra I will service your engine etc.
    I even have the same camera :-)

  2. Such beautiful photos, and such happy memories. Sitting here in Tixall Wide admiring them makes me wish you were joining us for a game of 6 handed rummy tonight!

  3. Paul - I suspect there may be opportunities to share Barry's skills and knowledge once we're back on the canals in Spring of 2013 - fingers crossed! We'll pencil you in for a place ...

    Belle - happy ememories indeed, on't be long before we're back and challenging you to a game of cards!!!