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Saturday 18 April 2009

Steaming along

Today, we've been on the Severn Valley Steam train from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth ( Lots of lovely English scenery along the way, with quaint stations well kept by a team of paid and voluntary workers dressed in authentic costumes. Barry took tons of photo's. Here's just a few to show everyone some of the delights of the journey!

Authentic staff at Kidderminster Station
Even more authentic steam train!!
Arley Station

Funnily enough, the bridge at Bridgnorth

Bridgnorth, random but very quaint

Bewdley on the river Severn

Bewdley Town Centre, a little prone to flooding

The weather is certainly changeable here, not sure what the temperature has been, probably around 12 degrees, flipping freezing still! I bought a cheap, cherry red pashmina in Bridgnorth to match the red leather gloves I found for £5 in a sale on Thursday. And there was me thinking I wouldn't need such things, how soon I forget what it's like here - I haven't worn the thermal vest I brought from New Zealand yet, but it may be coming out once we're on the boat! The sun did shine on us this afternoon though. Managed to catch a bit of Morris dancing, then we spent a very pleasant half an hour with a cone of chips, curry sauce and a beer by the river at bewdiful Bewdley.

Sandra and her new scarf
One of the Morris Dancers' musicians

Tonight we'll be packing up ready to head north tomorrow and hopefully take possession of our cosy, compact new home. No news yet from the Finnmaster about the boat safety certificate, so fingers crossed that all's well otherwise I feel there may be a mutiny before we've even boarded!

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