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Thursday 27 August 2009

Having a swinging time in marvellous Manchester!

We’d heard rumours that Manchester is a busy place with only one ‘secure’ mooring site at Castlefield, so we weren’t sure how today would pan out. Of course we’d also heard terrible tales of hooligans and such like, from well-meaning fellow boaters, which Barry shrugged off in his ‘cup half full’ way. The amazing thing is that we really haven’t encountered any such problems on the canals, which reminds me of a favourite saying of mine: ‘If you think you can you can, and if you think you can’t you’re right’! I love his positive, 'can do', attitude to life.




 Leaving Worsley - Jim and Chris bid us farewell, or so they thought ...


 Swanky new 'Boatshed' developments on the outskirts of Worsley




 Under a railway bridge and just beyond ... a lighthouse! What's that all about?




... and an old ex Thames 'Director's Inspection Boat' on a trailer

We had a surprisingly exciting day, due to an unexpected bonus …

We cruised through a place called Barton, where there were many boats from the ‘Worsley Cruising Club’ moored.  I went to make a cup of coffee and missed my opportunity for fame and fortune as I spotted a Television crew on the canal-side filming, and they shot Barry and the boat as it passed them! He took a picture of them and said “Two can play at that game!”.

P1110090The poor bloke being interviewed was ignored as the camera panned away from him and onto Northern Pride 

As we continued it wasn't very reassuring that the majority of boats moored up had shields on their windows, the first time we’ve seen that since the journey into Coventry.


              Wasn't an encouraging look!               An old icebreaker boat circa 1905

Shortly afterwards we approached Barton Swing Bridge/Aquaduct, which crosses the Manchester Ship Canal, and were astonished to find it open. Apparently it's a rare event that Barry really wasn’t expecting to encounter, so he was thrilled! We moved the boat right up to the edge of the canal where there was a gate that closes prior to the swing bridge moving into the centre of the Ship Canal, and Barry jumped off to take photos. 

P1110109 P1110131

Sitting at about 40ft above a canal, on the canal, at a dead end

He needn’t have rushed, we ended up being marooned there for almost two hours as the other swing bridge, which is across a main road, wasn’t working and they had engineers tending to it. Other boats caught us up including Jim and Chris, so we got to pontificate with them once more about life on the canals.

 P1110120 P1110122

We waited, and waited ...

As it took so long we used the opportunity to eat; it must have been one of the most incredible enforced lunch spots you could possibly imagine, and you certainly wouldn’t be able to book it in advance!

  P1110134 P1110150

Jim negotiated a few obstacles to reach us at the gate

Eventually the whole thing worked and the waiting ship sailed through. The swing bridges both returned to their places, and the traffic and boats could continue their respective journeys. We felt very privileged to have experienced the event.

P1110151  P1110161

 Workmen beavering away repairing the road bridge while we had lunch

P1110110P1110157 P1110121P1110156 

 This bridge, built in 1893, replaced the original aquaduct from 1761.  At 235 ft long and 1450 tons it's considered one of the wonders of the canal system


 Awesome spectacle to watch



 The ship waited patiently but was off as soon as it was able to

  P1110192  P1110207


P1110214 P1110217

 With the bridge swung back into place, they opened the gate on the bridge, then the canal gate and off everyone went - simple!


 Of course the road bridge is opened last and closed first 'cause motorists are far more stressed than boaters!

 P1110225 P1110231

Was a bit of a mini rush hour initially

And so onwards to Manchester, a little later than we’d planned but that’s life.

 P1110245 P1110248

 We couldn't believe what we saw when it passed, complete with rear vision mirror, didn't realise Land Rover made narrowboats!

The approach into the city is actually surprisingly pleasant, and it looks like a thriving hub of warehouses and factories. Of course we passed by Manchester United’s Stadium, which was awesome! Having visited a number of large cities in the time that we’ve been cruising on the boat, we were very impressed with all the buildings along the canal, even the derelict ones were tidy.


Piles of shipping containers in the Manchester/Liverpool colours


We saw a family jump out of the open container and run through the trees   No! Only kidding


 'Man U' Stadium, right beside the canal

P1110271 P1110268

 P1110274 P1110273

 Some bit's of buildings


Photographers paradise, check out Neil Roland whose photography work we saw in town

 P1110279 P1110280

The old and the new

We made it into Castlefield Junction just before 3pm, and were relieved to get a mooring place. We think there may be enough to do here to stop for the bank holiday weekend, unless there’s a restriction on the length of time you can stay.

P1110286 The turnoff to Castlefield Junction, the Hilton Hotel in the background

P1110267  Even a heron in deepest Manchester - can't be too bad


Not many moorings left

A walk into the Manchester took us to the Information Centre where we collected masses of leaflets and the ever useful map of the city. We spent a few hours walking around seeing all sorts of wonderful things; heaven knows why we’ve been told such negative things about this city, we love it! The variety of people and buildings is immense, such a colourful and vibrant place.

 P1110298  The walk into Manchester with the canal on the left


The 'Midlands Hotel' - very elegant, though not sure why they put the plumbing on the outside of the building??

P1110307(2) The walkway to the Information Centre

P1110310 P1110308

The Town Hall and Gladstone statue - say wasn't he in Blackburn??

P1110316 The town square in front of the Town Hall

P1110313 P1110311

The Victoria fountain

P1110327 P1110329

Urbis - The Exhibition Centre

P1110335  P1110333


The Manchester wheel

P1110334 P1110324

 P1110337 P1110345

Such a city of contrasts, either very old or ultra modern


The pub got a little free entertainment from this old disco relic with his portable CD player who'd encouraged these girls to join him

 P1110344 Mirror, mirror on the wall ...

And to cap it all, it’s Manchester Pride Parade on Saturday! Yaay! Maybe we’ll hand out Northern Pride blog cards there?!


Finished the evening with the view about 20ft away from our mooring      

Not too bad aye?!

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